Unsound does Halloween
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Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
Oct 27, 2017 - Nov 03, 2017

Unsound does Halloween


Autobiography Edits - choreographed by Wayne McGregor with original score by Jlin, performed by dancers from Company Wayne McGregor (USA/UK)
Under The Skin – Film screening with score by Mica Levi performed by the Unsound Toronto Ensemble (UK/CAN).


Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein Perform The Music of Stranger Things (USA)
Wolfgang Voigt presents GAS live (DE)
Księżyc (PL)


Unsound first came to Toronto as part of the Luminato festival in 2015 and created a sensation. The internationally-renowned Polish-born festival introduced its boundary-pushing program focused on electronic and experimental music with a series of unforgettable immersive events incorporating video art, lights and more.

This fall, Unsound bookends Halloween in Toronto with two nights of Canadian exclusives for 2017 in a pair of seated events at The Sony Centre. The landmark theatre will play host to a radical mix of ambient soundscapes, innovative film and TV scores, dance, and even ancient Slavic sounds.

In 2017, Unsound hosts a tri-continental series of special events in Krakow, Adelaide, London and Toronto. The Toronto presentation is a collaborative project between Unsound, Civic Theatres Toronto and Luminato.

Halloween High: October 27 – 8PM

On October 27, Unsound presents Halloween High, bringing euphoria and darkness to the stage in an unexpected combination of shows involving music, dance and film.

Halloween High on October 27 is an unexpected combination of shows involving music, dance and film.
Jlin has followed up her acclaimed 2017 sophomore album by creating the music for Autobiography, the new work by UK choreographer Wayne McGregor, inspired by the sequencing of McGregor’s entire genome. Autobiography Edits has been custom-made to fit to a music lineup rather than a conventional stand-alone theatre setting. This compact performance brings dancers from Company Wayne McGregor to the Unsound stage, and underlines Unsound’s role in bringing Jlin and Wayne McGregor together.

Billed alongside is a screening of the cult film Under The Skin with a live performance of the acclaimed score by Academy Award nominated Mica Levi. Performing Levi's score is the Unsound Toronto Ensemble, specially created by bringing together some of Toronto's best string and percussion players. Conducting is Evan Mitchell.

Halloween Hangover: November 3 – 8PM

On November 3, Unsound presents Halloween Hangover.

Halloween Hangover sees Emmy-winning composers of the score for the hit Netflix TV show, Stranger Things present sections of their evocative synthscore live – hot on the heels of the release of the second season. Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (from the band S U R V I V E) – first presented the music live at Unsound Krakow in 2016, with a specially commissioned lighting installation/stage design concept by German visual artist MFO, also to be part of this show, with a performance by Theresa Baumgartner.

The evening also features the Toronto debut of GAS, the legendary project from Kompakt Records head Wolfgang Voigt. Inspired by dark forests of Germany, the unsettling and symphonic music of GAS is an ambient touchstone. This audio visual show follows the acclaimed release of Narkopop, the first record by GAS in 17 years.

Cult Polish band Ksiezyc will open the evening. With five members playing an array of instruments, Ksiezyc draws on ancient Slavic music, minimalism and experimentation to create mysterious, haunting soundscapes.


Unsound is one of the world’s most acclaimed platforms for electronic and experimental music, known for discovering new artists and initiating new projects in the fields of music, visual arts, dance and theatre. Although the flagship festival has taken place in Krakow, Poland since 2003, Unsound’s mobility is part of its DNA, crossing geographical as well as musical borders. This has resulted in many co-presented events around the world, from New York to Vladivostok, Adelaide to London.
Unsound first came to Toronto in 2015 and 2016 as part of Luminato Festival – and created a sensation. Not just for the way the festival took over the decommissioned Hearn Generating Station, but also for its boundary-pushing music program focusing on electronic, experimental and leftfield club music. After a year off within the framework of Luminato itself, Unsound is back with two very special events around Halloween covering two seated weekend evenings at The Sony Centre.

Mat Schulz
Mat Schulz is the artistic director and co-founder of Unsound. He has been involved in the development of many audio visual projects over a period of 15 years, both large scale and small, and is engaged in the curation and creation of every single Unsound event around the world. Australian born, he now spends the majority of his time in Europe.

Malgorzata Plysa
One of the key cultural forces of the younger generation in Poland, Malgorzata Plysa is a curator, arts and music promoter, artist and event manager, executive director of Unsound Festival and the President of the Board of Tone Foundation for Music and New Art Forms – a non-profit organization based in Kraków, Poland responsible for promotion of contemporary art and culture. Finished MA in journalism and media theories at Jagiellonian University. Based in Kraków, Poland.


In 2017, Jlin released her acclaimed second album Black Origami. Exploring the intersections of ritual and club music in a dazzling blend of weightless and graceful yet still powerful drum patterns, she creates next level music that doesn’t sound like anything else out there. This unique energy translates into amazing live shows, where she drowns the audience in a sea of subbass.
At Unsound Toronto, she will present music she was commissioned to compose for the new dance work by UK choreographer Wayne McGregor called Autobiography. The show will include several dancers from Wayne McGregor Studio, presenting a compact version of the work called Autobiography Edits.

Wayne McGregor
Born in 1970, Wayne McGregor CBE is a multi award winning British choreographer and director, internationally renowned for trailblazing innovations in performance that have radically redefined dance in the modern era. Driven by an insatiable curiosity about movement and its creative potentials, his experiments have led him into collaborative dialogue with an array of artistic forms, scientific disciplines, and technological interventions. The startling and multi-dimensional works resulting from these interactions have ensured McGregor’s position at the cutting edge of contemporary arts for over two decades.

Mica Levi: Under The Skin
Film Screening With Live Orchestra
Directed by Jonathan Glazer, the 2014 film Under the Skin garnished acclaim for its story of an alien entity inhabiting the form of a young woman, in search of human prey. Full of startling imagery and dread, part of the reason the film is so effective is the score by Mica Levi, which is sensual, dark and minimal, influenced by the likes of György Ligeti and John Cage. Previously known as the singer songwriter from Micachu and The Shapes, Levi earned a BAFTA nomination for this score. She went on to compose for score for Jackie, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award this year.
Performing the music live is the Unsound Toronto Ensemble, especially created for this event by bringing together some of the best classical musicians in the city. Conducting is Evan Mitchell.

Wolfgang Voigt, born in 1961 in Cologne, Germany, is an artist, music producer, label owner and one of the co-founders of the Cologne-based electronica and techno label Kompakt.
Grown up and socialized in the pop sub-culture of the 1970s and 1980s, Voigt has developed his own art and sound that cross genres, mixing music styles such as glam rock, pop, jazz, classic, punk, and new wave, and art movements such as pop art and the Neue Wilde (the ‘New Wild Ones’). In the late 1980s, he caught acid house fever, and since then Voigt has committed himself uncompromisingly to the straight (techno music) bass drum.
Inspired by the minimalist structures of this music, Voigt works around the most diverse facets of his own ideas of subversive concept disco music. He understands this kind of contemporary music as a non-verbal, international musical language in which origin, status, or rock-stardom are no longer relevant. Voigt’s contribution to the various global techno ‘dialects’ (Chicago, Detroit, Berlin, Frankfurt…) is Cologne minimal techno, of which he is considered to be the most important pioneer. Working under many different project names and pseudonyms (e.g. Mike Ink, Studio1, M:I:5, GAS, Love Inc., Freiland, Wassermann…), Wolfgang Voigt has continuously varied his own, unmistakable music style from the onset of the 1990s, spanning the spectrum from creating experimental and unusual hybrids by combining elements of techno with German Schlager and folk music, to pioneering, austere minimalistic concept techno series such as Studio1, a series that was limited to 10 vinyl releases, the cover of each bearing a plain color design without any text.

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein are members of the American synth band S U R V I V E and authors of the soundtrack to Netflix’s hit series "Stranger Things". Just as its story goes deep referencing the classics of VHS era science fiction and horror movies, Dixon and Stein's music is hugely inspired by the likes of John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream, the masters of tension and synth soundscapes. Even indebted to the classic, they've still managed to create an instantly recognizable classic themes, making the series even more mysterious and memorable.

The band was active in the 1990s featuring: Agata Harz (vocal), Katarzyna Smoluk (vocal, piano), Robert Niziński (woodwind instruments and keyboards), Lechosław Polak (accordion, keyboards, synthesisers) and Remigiusz Mazur-Hanaj (lyrics, tapes).
That stage in the history of the band was summarised by two records issued by OBUH: EP Nów (New Moon), 1993, and LP Księżyc (Moon), 1996.
The Księżyc album was listed amongst 20 most influential alternative music records of the 1990s.
In 2013 it was reissued on the British market thanks to the Penultimate Press.
It was also Penultimate Press that released the band’s latest record - Rabbit Eclipse. English premiere was held in November 2015, during the hcmf// (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival). The newest album was well received by both Polish and foreign critics, appearing among the best records of the year in Poland and Great Britain.
In 2014 the group reunited. The first concert after the reactivation was set in St. Catherine’s Church during the Unsound Festival in Kraków. Since then Księżyc has been appearing in various places and taking part in different events, e.g. concert with Iva Bittova in Warsaw’s Center for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle / Laboratorium; open-air performance At dawn in Warsaw’s Królikarnia (Rabbit House); concert under the plane trees in Toulouse’s municipal park during Les Siestes Electroniques (France); during the Land Art Festival on the bank of Bug river; in old church on the Energy of Sound Festival in Wroclaw; in Café OTO in London (with Áine O'Dwyer); on KRAAK festival in Brussels, and others.

The group also took part in a remarkable project for Requiem Records – 4-disc box release with historical recordings of Miniatures by Eugeniusz Rudnik. Apart from the old tracks it contains new ones by various artists who freely interpreted Rudnik’s music or created their own sounds inspired by him.
In 2016 Księżyc was invited for collaboration with Polish Radio Theatre. The group recorded music for William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night's Dream, radio spectacle by Darek Błaszczyk. That year Księżyc played a couple of concerts including OFF Festival and live-recording for BoilerRoom.tv In Stereo.

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Both nights contain adult themes.

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Fri Oct 27, 8:00 PM
Fri Nov 3, 8:00 PM
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