Another Brick In The Wall - The Opera
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Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
Nov 13, 2019 - Nov 23, 2019

Another Brick In The Wall - The Opera

Based on the lyrics and music of Roger Waters’ The Wall
Operatic version composed by Julien Bilodeau
Concept & Stage direction by Dominic Champagne

The award-winning new opera : The Wall, Roger Waters' mythical work, in lyric version.

Through the staging of the feelings of insanity and insulation of Pink, The Wall represents the difficulties of a whole generation confronted with the destruction of its dreams and the world. The Wall is a psychological drama inspired by Roger Waters' life. Pink realizes that he has also consented to the events that made him who he is. This fall is a celebration of free will, of libertarian optimism, of the hope for a break from a loss of common sense and lack of solidarity.

'Entertaining, Cathartic Trip'' du Cincinnati City Beat
‘The Wall’ Opera Trades Rock for Emotional Power. - Rolling Stone 
An immersive ride - Musical Toronto
''A triumph'' - Le Figaro

Act 1

Troubled by the fanaticism of the frenzied crowd at his rock concert, star singer Pink asks a fan to climb onto the stage, whereupon he spits in the spectator’s face. Devastated by his own actions, Pink collapses onto the stage. He soon finds himself in a clinic where he begins a journey over the course of which he is witness to the grand spectacle of his own life. He relives the moment of his birth and revisits his childhood, marked by the war, as his father joins the battle—leaving his wife and infant son behind, only to die at the front. He grows up with his overprotective mother, and is mistreated at school by a tyrannical teacher in the service of a world that monitors its citizens and tries to control their thoughts. An initial revolt is quickly snuffed out.

At the end of his teen years, Pink marries a beautiful, free, and provocative woman, and is finally released from his mother’s grip. Now a rich and famous rock star, Pink is inspired by his wife to isolate himself and compose a work that lashes out at the power of money. His wife takes to the streets to protest against the financial world, where she meets another man. Soon, a wedge is driven between Pink and his wife. While on tour, Pink gets high with the groupies who hang around him, obsessing over his wife’s passionate antics with her lover.
Beset by love’s disarray and an intolerable feeling of desolation, the rock star goes through moments of inner rage and depression, and is witness to the loss of his loves—rejecting, one by one, all those with whom he could have some form of relationship. All of the wounds, all of the traumas have foisted themselves like bricks around him to form the wall that now isolates him from humanity. Pink is alone, by himself, and bids the world goodbye.

Act 2

Still isolated, Pink attempts to reconnect with the world; the ghosts of those he loved visit him, but nothing goes right. In a moment of great despair—as he tries to console the orphan he has always been—, Pink begins to dream of his father’s return and of the end of all wars. But it’s all just a pipe dream, and Pink is in free fall.

Pink settles into a state of comfortable alienation. A rock star at the peak of his power, he has built a wall between himself and the rest of the world. Flirting with madness, he continues his delusional descent by transforming himself into a fanatical leader who lectures his followers and promises to get rid of all those who can prevent his existence, who live on the other side of the Wall, and who attempt to escape. Pink and his men hunt down these migrants and refugees seeking freedom. At the height of his alienation, Pink imprisons himself in a totalitarian hell where he is made to commit the worst atrocities. Suffering more than ever before, Pink wants the nightmare to end.

The clinic in which he has taken his long journey through the night becomes a courtroom. At the end of an insane trial, during which the characters in his universe are called as witnesses, the judge sentences Pink to break out of his isolation and return to the world.


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Another Brick In The Wall - The Opera

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