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Open Art Surgery

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Following two hugely successful editions in 2014 and 2017, Breakin' Convention is returning to Canada and is partnering up with Civic Theatres Toronto to deliver another edition of Open Art Surgery.

Artistic Director: Jonzi D
Mentor: Crazy Smooth
Co-produced by KeepRockinYou (KRY)

Breakin' Convention's Open Art Surgery is a professional development opportunity for hip hop artists interested in making hip hop theatre. It combines an intensive week of training, mentoring and devising, culminating in the Open Art Surgery event.

Led by Breakin' Convention's Artistic Director, Jonzi D, participants workshop ideas, before being allocated studio space to develop and create new work. Artists are given the time and space to be creative and unrestricted while Jonzi remains on hand to advise at all times. Participants will also take part in a range of theatrical workshops throughout the week.

The Open Art Surgery event, which takes place at the end of the week, is hosted by Jonzi and each of the new works are presented to the audience who are then invited to critique, feedback and ask questions to the artists involved.

Open Art Surgery is not about creating finished work. The focus is to develop theatre skills within hip hop artists and to experiment with new ideas that could be developed further in the future. What also makes Open Art Surgery unique is the breaking down of the fourth wall to allow the audience to engage with the artists.

Dates of the project: Mon 12 – Sat 16 March 2018
Date of final show: Sat 17 March 2018
Venue: Toronto Centre for the Arts, 5040 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 6R8, Canada

For any questions you may have, contact Judi Lopez - or call 647-519-8195

Special Thanks:

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Eric Liu

Eric has a wide range of physical training backgrounds, all of which complement and integrate in various ways. Most of my breaking is self and peer taught. Related training background includes a variety of acrobatics sports, including competing trampolining provincially with Skyriders Trampoline, and winning two world championships in cheerleading with Team Canada. He also has a martial arts background (hapkido, kung fu, and judo), which informs my “tricking” skills and aerial power moves.

Karyin Qiu

Karyin grew up in Whitehorse, Yukon and trained at the best dance studio up North called Leaping Feats Dance Studio. She has performed on stages in the Yukon, Greenland, and Toronto ranging from streetdance festivals, full production dance theatre shows, musicals, battles, and a cross territory tour. Karyin is a recent graduated and is finding herself in the street dance scene again and is heavily inspired by the dancers and teachers who surround her in class, and in Ryerson hallways.

Serouj “Midus” Aparahamian

Midus is originally from Los Angeles. He has been active in the breaking world since the mid-1990's, gaining notoriety for his unique, abstract style. In 2001, together with three other dancers, he put together a highly influential video called Detours. He is also an active member of Style Elements Crew and a representative of the Originality Stands Alone movement. Midus is currently doing a PhD at York University's Department of Dance Studies.

Cherokee Lynch

Cherokee has been dancing professionally for the past 3 years. She has trained with Dark Dance Company and with Raoul Wilke. She was apart of Open Art Surgery 2017. She  recently performed at Sony Centre for Fall for Dance North and at Dancemakers for KenZo. Her influences are Frankie J and Matthew "Snoopy".

Kalliane Brémault

Kalliane grew up in an artistic family surrounded by music, which inspired her to dance and sing. She studied dance at Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers and The Royal Winnipeg Ballet since the of age 4. She also trained, performed, competed with and choreographed for street dance companies Define Movement, Sikat Dance Company, Project Dance Company and Dangerous Goods Crew. Additionally, Kalliane is well versed in Hip-Hop, and freestyling. Her goal is to inspire dancers of all ages to freely and joyously express themselves.

Mel Hart

Mel Hart is a vibrant, established performing artist from Toronto, with a BFA Degree in Dance, from York University. Mel is a member of Toronto’s all female Hip Hop Dance Crew DEUCEnDIP, has danced at festivals around the world as well as co-established contemporary dance company SaMel Tanz with Samantha Schleese. Mel takes the most pride in being an arts educator for youth outreach programs.

Krystina Dejean

Krystina Dejean, also know as Mystique. Through classes, workshops and battles in Montreal and New York, she realised that waacking was a style she wanted to pursue. She is the co-founder of the street dance collective “Savage Queens” with the goal of developing their own style and making an impact in the waacking community, created the event “Waack N’ Chill” and is currently, concentrating on her cultural work studies at Université du Québec à Montréal.

Jonathan Karpinski

It’s been 10 years now since Jonathan started dancing! He started in a small studio doing a lot of competitions. He teaches from the age 10 to 22 years old in Hip Hop, Dancehall and popping! He won 750$ for the Barcelona Dance Tour in 2016 by iDance convention! Jonathan trained one week intensively there. He has  won a lot of first places in category duo since 2013. This year Jonathan was in (The Program/Le Programme) with Andy Michel as my coach! And He is now training in CHPTRS.

Sami “Slynks” Elkout

Sami is a bboy from Ottawa, Ontario. In 2011 he opened Ottawa's only street dance studio, The Flava Factory, and has been working to bring new opportunities to his community. It also gives him a chance to support artists looking to pursue teaching, performing, and judging experience. This has given him a chance to work with the greater Hip Hop community and gives him the satisfaction of being able to help and support Canadian Hip hop artists.

Kosi Eze

Kosi Eze started her training in 2012. Since then, she has been trained in various styles of dance including House, Hip-Hop, Popping, and Locking. Kosi is a valued member of the Rebels De La Soul, Warehouse Jacks, Symbiotic Monsters dance collectives and she is also actively involved with UNITY Charity as an artist educator and program facilitator.

Kevin Kong

Kevin specializes in popping and has trained with Vybe Dance company in Markham 2011-2012 Vybe FX & OSV old school Vybe under Pyro.