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Loading Docks

The Sony Centre has the largest loading docks of any similar venue in Toronto. 

Loading Docks

Loading Docks

Two docks stage right – directly off Scott Street  
• One – level loading. Load bars suggested as dock slopes down from street to doors
• One – street level

These docks are side-by-side, each with a door 13’ 6” high and 12’ 6” wide. 

There is freight elevator access off the loading dock for any goods being taken to the lower level. Freight elevator access must be maintained at all times for non-stage-related deliveries and pick-ups. Streets on the East (Scott St.) and South (Esplanade) sides, both of which access loading docks, are narrow with heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

One forklift available in-house – rated for 1 tonne.


Parking available by prior arrangement only.