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Tech Specs

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Production Department Contacts

Director of Production, Kristopher Dell
P: 416-368-6161 ext. 7140

Senior Production Manager, Anthony (TJ) Shamata
P: 416-368-6161 ext. 7147

Production Manager, Alicia Ho
P: 416-368-6161 ext. 7145

Production Manager, Paul McKenna
P: 416-368-6161 ext. 7198


IATSE Stage Technicians

Head Carpenter, Rupert de Gruchy
Head Electrician, Richard Karwat
Property Master, Michael Guy
Head Sound Operator, Ross Tuskey
Assistant Carpenter, Steve McLean
Flyman, Ken Clausen
Assistant Electrician, Jason Urbanowicz
Assistant Video, Christopher Nadon
Assistant Sound Operator, Zsolt Kota

Seating Capacities

Orchestra: 2,146 
Mezzanine: 256
Balcony: 789 
Pit Seating: *58
Mid-house curtain: **1,173
Total: 3,191

* If an event requires the use of the orchestra pit, the seating can be removed upon request.  
Companies making such requests will incur costs for both seat removal and reinstallation calls.
** If an event requires a more intimate audience size, the mid-house curtain can be drawn to reduce the orchestra to 1,173 seats. A labour charge may apply to the installation.


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Stage Specs &  Related Equipment

Stage Dimensions

  • Proscenium opening: 59’-10” wide, 30’-0” high 
  • Stage depth from curtain line to last available line set: 50’ 
  • Centre line to stage right: 44’
  • Centre line to stage left: 46’
  • Apron measurements: 60’ (w) x 5’ (d)
  • Stage to high steel / grid: 89’ 
  • Stage left wing space: 8’ (w) x 50’ (d) 
  • Stage right wing space: 30’ (w) x 50’ (d) 
  • There is space for a crossover upstage of the last available line set 

Fly System & Equipment

House Curtain 

  • Blue Velour 
  • Operates as guillotine from stage left deck - motorized 

Stage Floor 

  • 3/8” recycled plastic composite “polyboard” - grey colour 
  • No stage traps or elevators with the exception of the orchestra pit 

Dance Floor *

  • 49’ (w) x 39’ (d) in 8 pieces
    * If a show requires the laying of our dance floor, there will be additional labour costs to install & remove.  

Orchestra Pit 

  • Adjustable to 10’ below stage level by electric motor turnscrew 
  • Apron overhangs upstage wall of pit by 12’ 

Pit Equipment 

  • Chairs (60), music stands (60) and music stand lights (60)

Rigging System

  • Single purchase counterweight system 
  • 74 sets at 6” on-centre with 6 lift-lines per set 
  • 1,200 lbs. capacity per set, evenly distributed, or a 400 lb. point load 
  • 40,000 lbs. of counterweight available 
  • House pipes: 60’ long, 75’ of travel from deck 
  • Five (5) hydraulic sets – 1,250 lbs. capacity each (line sets 74 – 78)
  • 130 spot wheels with 30,000’ of hemp available 

Hanging Plot Available Upon Request 

Stage Draperies

  • Black legs 5 pairs: 25oz. 20’ x 40’ 
  • Black borders5 – 25oz. 15’ x 70’ 
  • Black backing 2 – 25oz. 36’ x 40’, 1 – 25oz. 36’ x 70’ 
  • Black traveller 2 – 25oz. 35’ x 40’ 
  • Black scrim 1 (sharkstooth) 30’ x 65’ 
  • Teaser (black) velour     25oz. 16’ x 70’ 
  • Portal legs2 16’ x 32’ 
  • “Austrian Curtain”

Risers & Steps / Stairs

  • 20 Wenger Versalite riser tops: 4’x 8
  • 6 Wenger Versalite riser tops: 4’x 4’
  • 4 Wenger Versalite “Roll-A-Deck” frame able to be used with risers and legs
  • 4’ x 8’ Drum Riser with wheels 

Loading In & Loading Out

Loading Docks

Two docks stage right – directly off Scott Street   

  • One – level loading. Load bars suggested as dock slopes down from street to doors 
  • One – street level  

These docks are side-by-side, each with a door 13’-6” high and 12’-6” wide. There is freight elevator access off the loading dock for any goods being taken to the lower level. Freight elevator access must be maintained at all times for non-stage-related deliveries and pick-ups. Streets on the East (Scott St.) and South (Esplanade) sides, both of which access loading docks, are narrow with heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic. 

One forklift available in-house – rated for 1 tonne.


Parking available by prior arrangement only. Please contact Production.

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Additional Equipment Rentals

Preferred Supplier

The Sony Centre’s Production Department will be happy to assist all tenants in the sourcing of production and technical equipment beyond the Centre’s inventory. 

The Centre exclusively uses FrischkornMEDIACO for production and technical equipment rentals. FrischkornMEDIACO is able to supply a broad range of equipment and services including audio, lighting, video, rigging, staging, webcasting, video conferencing, teleprompters, simultaneous interpretation, drapery, audience response systems, wide screen projects and more. Please contact Production for more detail.


Backstage Spaces

Dressing Rooms 

  • 4 rooms off stage-left at stage level (occupancy: 3 people/per)
  • 4 rooms one level below stage (occupancy: 4 people/per)
  • 2 rooms one level below stage (occupancy: 5 people/per)
  • 1 room one level below stage (occupancy: 7 people)
  • 1 room one level below stage (occupancy: 8 people)
  • 1 room one level below stage (occupancy: 15 people)

Total Dressing Room Capacity: 62 people
Each room includes individual make-up stations, showers, toilets, sinks, heating/air conditioning & WiFi.

Chorus / Orchestra Locker Rooms

  • 2 rooms one level below stage - 1 for men & 1 for women
  • 36 lockers in men’s & 40 in women’s
  • Washrooms equipped with showers 

Rehearsal Hall

  • 15’ ceiling height
  • Size: 50’ (w) x 50’ (d)
  • Capacity of 200 people
  • Floor is a sprung floor with a Harlequin Standfast top surface
  • 100A 4W electrical disconnect (J-series camlock)
  • Program sound from the stage with volume control
  • West wall is mirrored
  • 20 ballet barres 
  • Small P.A for basic sound playback from IPOD or similar device
  • No theatrical lighting system or rigging points

Green Room

There is a large Green Room and a small kitchen located one level below stage. Our Green Room is a communal space for performers, promoters, clients, touring / local crew, etc. and may not be used for catering, as an additional dressing room, blocked off for Meet & Greets or used for any purpose other than its intended use.

  • Located 1 level below stage level.
  • Capacity of 40 people. 
  • Includes tables & chairs for up to 10 people (furniture is not to be moved)
  • Includes 2 sofas & 4 armchairs (furniture is not to be moved)
  • Features program video feed
  • Second television (with cable)

Additional Spaces

Production Offices

  • One production office located one level below the stage with direct-dial lines installed and hard line internet connection. Wi-Fi also available.

Catering Lounge

  • Large holding room located one level below the stage with seating for approximately 45 people.

Storage Space

  • None. The Sony Centre is a “road house.”

See additional electrics information

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Additional Lighting Equipment


  • Follow Spots: 4 Lycian 1290, 2000 watts - moveable 
  • Spot Booth: 1 booth, maximum of 4 spots 145’ throw to proscenium 
  • Booth Power: Please call Production

The Centre does not allow non-house follow spots in the booth without written agreement of the Centre.


There is DMX capability depending on the location of road equipment. Please consult with the House Electrician to review the show’s requirements.

Lighting Board

  • Grand MA 2 Lit

See additional lighting information 


Sound Equipment

Sound Equipment


  • Main Arrays: 11 x Adamson E15 cabinets, 2 x Adamson S10 cabinets (per side)
  • Flown Subs: 6 x Adamson E119 subwoofers (per side)
  • Ground Stacks: 2 x Adamson E119 subwoofers, 3 x S10 cabinets (per side) 
  • Centre Array: 8 x Adamson S10 cabinets
  • Lip Fill: 4 x Adamson Point 8 cabinets

Front Of House

  • SSL Live L300 Console
  • Yamaha PM 5DRH console w/ MY8-AE96 and MY16-C cards which can be placed in the “Touring Console” position if required (can also be used at monitor position on stage left). 
  • Denon DN-C635 CD player

NOTE: To accessthehouse array from a touring console, it is recommended to use AES-EBU outputs from the road console into the Centre’s L300. Because the Adamson array utilizes digital inputs, it is essential to route the road console through the L300.


Microphone Equipment

Dynamic Mics

  • 1 x Shure Beta 52A
  • 8 x Shure SM 58
  • 1 x Shure PG 58, (switched mic)
  • 8 x Shure SM 57
  • 1 x Audix D6
  • 6 x Audix D2
  • 5 x Sennheiser MD 521
  • 2 x Beyer M88
  • 4 x Heil PR35

Condenser Mics

  • 1 x Shure BETA 91A
  • 4 x Shure MX 412 
  • 5 x Neumann KM 184
  • 2 x Neumann TLM 102
  • 8 x Rode NT5
  • 2 x Rode M2
  • 4 x Rode NT 1000
  • 8 x AKG 452 EB
  • 12 x DPA 4099
  • 2 x Crown PCC

Direct Boxes

  • 1 x Avalon U5 high-voltage DI-preamp
  • 6 x Radial JDI passive
  • 4 x Radial J48 active
  • 2 x Imp passive
  • 4 Jensen JT-11P-1, line input transformers
  • 1 x Radial JPC active
  • 2 x Whirlwind ISO-POD

Wireless Mic Kit 1

  •  2 x Sennheiser EM 2050 UHF receivers, 626MHz-698MHz, (4 channels only)
  •  4 x SKM 2000 Hand-held microphones
  •  2 x SK 2000 bodypack transmitters
  •  2 x DPA 4088 directional headset mics
  •  2 x DPA 4061 omni lav mics

Wireless Mic Kit 2

  •  4 x Sennheiser SKM2000 hand held mics w/ MMK 965-1 capsules
  •  4 x Sennheiser EW 332 G3 Bodypack Lavalier Kit (EM 300, SK 300, ME 4, GA 3)
  •  4 x SKM 300-835 G3 Handheld Dynamic Cardioid, Series 300, MMD 835-1 Capsule

Monitor System

  •  SSL Live L300 Console
  •  4 x RCF NX 15-SMA powered 15” coaxial neodymium transducer wedges
  •  4 RCF ART 310-A, powered 10”, 2 way wedges
  •  2 x Whirlwind PA-1, wired personal headphone amp (no buds/headphones)
  •  Monitors:  16 x Adamson M12 monitors (including cue)
  •  Drum Fill:  1 x Adamson M212 Monitor, 1 Adamson S119 Subwoofer
  •  Side Fill:  2 x Adamson S119 subwoofers, 3 x Adamson S10 cabinets (per side)


  •  Full compliment of Atlas/K&N mic stands
  •  All necessary mic and speaker cable for house equipment
  •  4 x 12 pair sub-snakes (75’ – 150’)
  •  2 x 8 pair sub-snakes with 4 returns
  •  Assorted AC cabling, power bars, quad boxes for band power, (3 x 20 amp max.) 
  •  6 x Tripod speaker stands
  •  4 x Shure A412B desktop bases for gooseneck mics
  •  Assorted wind screens
  •  Assorted shock mounts
  •  6 x Audix D-Clamp goosenecks

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Sound Information

Clear Com System

  •  1 x Clear Com SB 440, 4 channel main station 
  •  1 x Clear Com RM 440, 4 channel remote station 
  •  1 x Clear Com RM 220, 2 channel remote station
  •  7 x Clear Com RS 501 belt packs and headsets (8 are installed for house positions)
  •  5 x Clear Com RS 502 belt packs and headsets
  •  4 x Clear Com KB 111 speaker stations
  •  6 dry-line patch points at all typical locations
  •  1 x Clearcom CZ11513 2-Ch Base Station (4 x BP210 Beltpacs, 4 x HS15 Headsets)

Program Sound

  •  Program feed to Lobbies, Spot Booth, Assistive Listening System and all Dressing Rooms.
  •  Dressing room page from SL and SR with Program ducking
  •  Media Split @ FOH
  •  Archival audio/video system available (Artist approval required).

Touring Act Information

  •  300’ cable run from SL to FOH
  •  Touring console resides at back of house
  •  Company switch, 70 Amp, 3 phase, Transformer Isolated DS Left 

Video Information

Projection Screen

  •  1  X 135” x 240” REAR Projection Screen hung on Line 32
  •  The above screen can be taken down and increased in size to a 202.5” x 360” FRONT Projection Screen


  •  1  X Barco HDX-W20 Flex with TLD+ 4.5-7.1:1 lens OR TLD DC2K 1.2-1.8:1 lens
  •  This projector has no fixed position but is generally placed on house scaffolding upstage for  rear projection or in the “house mix position” as front projection

 Please note there is a bulb fee for the use of this projector.

Switcher & Auxiliary Equipment

  • Switchers, converters, monitors and other auxiliary equipment are available for use but are shared within the venue for events in the lobbies, rehearsal hall and meeting rooms.  

Please see the “Portable Equipment” section on page 17 for more information. 

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Lobbies Information

Lobby Event - Fixed Equipment

Main Lobby

  •  2 X Meyer sound CQ 1
  •  2 X Meyer sound CQ 2
  •  6 X Meyer sound UPM-1P delays
  •  4 Meyer sound 600-HP subs
  •  Video Wall (details on next page)

Lobby Sound System

  • Lower Lobby West, Lower Lobby East, Sony Lounge, Main Lobby East, Main Lobby West, 
  • Mezzanine Level East, Mezzanine Level West :
  •  Discrete audio available from CD/Ipod/microphone/laptop computer 

Main Lobby and/or Lower Lobby Centre (stage area)

  •  Full stereo P.A. available from stock of “Portable Technical Equipment” (pg. 16)
  •  Portable Equipment connects to the lobby’s fixed speakers listed above

Main Lobby Lighting System

Cove Lighting & Accent Walls in Main Lobby: 

  •  Approximately 50 preset cues to choose from

Martin MAC 301 Moving Lights

  •  6 moving lights in the Main Lobby with approximately 10 preset lighting cues
  •  Custom colours may be programmed as a cue for your particular show/event*

If an event requires re-programming of our lobby lights, there may be additional labour costs to facilitate this.  

Lobby Video System 

  • Location: As guests enter the building, they are greeted by a 16-monitor video wall.
  • Display: The video wall is a canvas that allows for innumerable configurations.
  • The video wall can accept an external video signal from one of the Sony Centre’s video switchers (see “Portable Equipment” below) for the playback of PowerPoint, videos, etc. on cue.  Use of this feature will result in additional labour charges

Representational Diagram of the Main Lobby Video Wall 

Video Wall Representational Diagram


Portable Lobby Equipment

The Centre has  portable technical equipment that is not permanently assigned to any one space.  With prior arrangement with the Sony Centre’s production department, this equipment can be made available for events and meetings in any location.

Audio Equipment

  •  1  X Presonus 16.4.2 Digital mixer
  •  1 X Ashly MX-406 6-Input Stereo Mic/Line Mixer

Portable Video Monitors

The Centre owns 6 Sony Monitors that live on rolling carts: 

  •  1 – 47’ inch public display monitors; no wifi, no tuner, no speakers  FWDS47H1
  •  1 – 46’ inch public display monitor; no wifi, no tuner, no speakers   FWD46B2
  •  4 – 46’ inch Bravia TV’s; with wifi and tuner and speakers.    KDL48W600B 
  •  1 – 32” Monitor set up in self contained case for use as comfort monitor


  •  1 - VPLFH500L Sony Video Projector (7000 lumen, 16:9 aspect ratio, a bulb fee applies for usage of this projector)
  • Available Lens Options : VPL-FH500L & VPLLZ4015
  •  3 -  VPL EX226 Sony Video Projector (2700 lumen, 4:3 aspect ratio)
  •  1 -  VPL-CX5 Sony Video Projector  (2000 lumen, 4:3 aspect ratio)

Projection Screens

(All Front Projection)

  •  1 – 9 ’x 16’ “Soft Screen”
  •  1 –7.5’ x 13.3’ “Soft Screen”
  •  1 – small “tripod screen”

 Video Switchers

  •  1 – Analogue Way Quick View QVU-3G Switcher racked with a Mac Mini with PowerPoint and Keynote, preview/program monitors and an HD Antenna receiver
  •  1 – Blackmagic ATEM Production Studio 4K Switcher racked with 32” multi-view display, 13” Macbook Pro for switcher control and a second 13” Macbook Pro for PowerPoint or Keynote.

Video Playback

As noted above, each video switcher has a computer packaged with it which includes PowerPoint and Keynote.  Additionally, a 15” Mac Book Pro is available with the following specifications and installed programs:

  • 2.5GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7
  • 16GB 1600MHz DDR3L SDRAM
  • 256GB Flash Storage
  • Intel Iris Pro Graphics
  • Peavy UBS DI with USB cable for connection to external audio
  • Mini display port to VGA with VGA cable
  • Mini display port to HDMI with HDMI cable
  • HDMI to SDI converter


  • Qlab with Basic Audio
  • Playback Pro +
  • InstaCue
  • SpeakerTimerPro
  • RecordPro
  • Office for Mac (including PowerPoint)
  • Keynote

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Alternative Space - O'Keefe Lounge

The O’Keefe Lounge is a versatile, multi-purpose space that can be used a corporate meeting area, a performance space or breakout room. The space can be accessed through the front doors or via the Yonge Street entrance. 

Maximum capacity: 125

Power & Lighting

  • Mood establishing track lighting
  • Extensive dedicated 15amp circuits
  • 100 amp/3 phase/208V disconnect

Video & Audio (permanently installed)

  •  1 x Sony VPLCH355 Video Projector (4000 lumen)
  •  133” Diagonal motorized screen (16:9)
  •  Small rack mounted sound system with inputs for microphones, Ipods, etc.
  •  2  X Meyer UPM-1P speakers

O’Keefe Lounge – located off of the Lower Lobby 


Webcast / Streaming Access Port Locations

The Centre has enabled the following locations for clients who are webcasting or streaming content out of the building: 

  • Stage right port LGE-D02  
  • Stage left port LGW-D16 
  • Sound board port UGN-D107 
  • Main lobby west pillar port UGN-D86 

This network is DHCP enabled with Google DNS servers and NAT to the internet without restrictions (no firewall, logging or screening) with a 10MB/s upload/download throttle limit. 



Animals are not permitted in the Centre unless they are required by the show/event and approved in writing by the Centre. 


The Centre is a smoke-free building. 

Stage Union Affiliations

IATSE Local 58 Stage 
Business Agent: Nelson Robinson 
511 Adelaide Street West 
Toronto, ON M5V 1T4 
Telephone: (416) 364-5565 
Fax: (416) 364-5987 

IATSE Local 822 Wardrobe
Business Agent: Michelle DiCesare
511 Adelaide Street West 
Toronto, ON, M5V 1T4 
Telephone: (416) 276-8616
Fax: (416) 622-0900

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For more information about:

  • Sony Centre Screens
  • Marketing Services
  • Ports of Entry
  • Local Information on Promoters

Contact Anthony (TJ) Shamata on 416-368-6161 x7147


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